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Michael Ledeen

Michael Ledeen is the Freedom Scholar at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies and the author, most recently, of Virgil's Golden Egg and Other Neapolitan Miracles: An Investigation into the Sources of Creativity (Transaction Publishers).

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Antifa Unmasked
By: Michael Ledeen
Posted: April 3, 2018
The alt-Left's guide to political action....
Men in Black
By: Michael Ledeen
Posted: May 1, 2017
This article appeared in: Vol. XVII, Number 2, Spring 2017

What was fascism all about?

By: Michael Ledeen
Posted: March 20, 2013
This article appeared in: Vol. XIII, Number 1 - Winter 2012/13

A review of Good Italy, Bad Italy: Why Italy Must Conquer Its Demons to Face the Future, by Bill Emmott

The New War Against America
By: Michael Ledeen
Posted: August 9, 2012
This article appeared in: Vol. XII, Number 3 - Summer 2012

Threats from Iran to Latin America, Russia, and China.