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Jaroslav Pelikan

Jaroslav Pelikan (1923-2006) was the Sterling Professor Emeritus of History at Yale University. He is the author of Whose Bible Is It? The History of the Scriptures Through the Ages [Viking/Penguin].

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The Three Rings
By: Jaroslav Pelikan
Posted: April 20, 2007
This article appeared in: Vol. IV, Number 4 - Fall 2004

A review of The Monotheists: Jews, Christians, and Muslims in Conflict and Competition, Volume I: The Peoples of God, by F. E. Peters

New Light on the Torah
By: Jaroslav Pelikan
Posted: August 16, 2005
This article appeared in: Vol. V, Number 3 - Summer 2005

Textual authority was a revolutionary idea in the history of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.