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Barton Swaim

Barton Swaim received a doctorate from the University of Edinburgh, and is the author of Scottish Men of Letters and the New Public Sphere (Bucknell University Press).

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Highfalutin Abstractions
By: Barton Swaim
Posted: February 8, 2013
A review of College: What it Was, Is, and Should Be, by Andrew Delbanco At last, universities are on the run. For at least a generation, conservatives of various descriptions have inveighed against them for, among other reasons, purveying anti-Americanism and doctrinaire Leftism under the gu...
Florid Balderdash
By: Barton Swaim
Posted: January 31, 2007
This article appeared in: Vol. VI, Number 4 - Fall 2006

The takeover of literary theorists in the English departments of American universities.