Reviews of Books

Reagan's Legacies

Re-examining Reagan's legacy.

Kerry's Dilemma

The split on the Left over foreign policy.

The Open Society and Its Enemy

George Soros and the 2004 election.

Democratic Exaggerations

Left and Right illustrations of the polarization of U.S. foreign policy.

No Miracle In San Francisco

Examining the creation of the United Nations and its future usefulness.

Fantasy Land

Is the U.S. -Canadian relationship really at its historical worst?

The Fate Of Progress

When did Progressivism die?

The Perils of Progress

The Wilsonian nature of modern America.

Moral Monster

France could have taken liberal roads during Napoleon's rule, if Napoleon had wanted to.

First in War

Could America have won its independence without Washington?


How can Jefferson be rescued from the contemporary historians' obsession with sex and slavery?

That Old-Time Religion

The great days of theology are worth remembering.

One Nation Under God

Lincoln knew the political principles underlying our nation depend upon faith in a God who rules all.  

Grasping at Straws

The framers system of structural protection for individual and minority rights, or an aristocracy of the robe?

Coercion by Consent

Seeking a golden mean in which rights are taken seriously in courts of law and public policy is made democratically.

Black Like Who?

A review of The End of Blackness, by Debra J. Dickerson

Good Council

Patient moral reflection is required if science is to promote human flourishing, not undermine it.

The Return of William McKinley

The McKinley and the Bush Administrations shatter the stereotypes of American conservatism.

Statecraft And Soulcraft

A modern Prince for both political leaders and citizens, who need to know how to judge their leaders' performance.

Toward Grandeur

Tocqueville unveiled at last?

Average Bill

If you really want to learn something about Shakespeare, go back to the plays.

On A Green Knoll Apart

Was William Butler Yeats the greatest poet of the twentieth century?

Slaughtering the 14th Amendment

A review of the Slaughterhouse Cases and the Fourteenth Amendment.