Reviews of Books

Rebels Without a Clue

A review of Nation of Rebels: Why Counterculture Became Consumer Culture, by Joseph Heath and Andrew Potter

Left Behind

Taylor insists that our rights can be vigorously defended by a purely "pragmatic assessment."

The Unlovable Mr. Adams

Though it is difficult to genuinely like John Adams, it is equally difficult to not admire him.

The Rights and Wrongs of Alan Dershowitz

Dershowitz's secular theory of the origin of rights.

The Measure of Greatness

Seeking the man behind the myth of Abraham Lincoln.

Boys Will Be Boys

Why gender matters.

Involuntary Associations

Liberal democracy will not sustain itself if it does not believe itself to be rationally defensible.

Talking Politics

The politics and philosophy of Michael Oakeshott.

Rerunning Reagan

Reagan was, to an unusual extent, a politician of ideas.

Selective Justice

All is not well with the main process available for exercising democratic control over the Court.

First, Do No Harm

Can American medicine really change, or will it just slide towards greater government control?

Being Unreasonable

A defense of the French and English Enlightenment against postmodernism.

Imagine There's No Heaven

Atheism in the modern age.

The Cost of Ignorance

The soaring costs of higher education and the Tuition Advance Act.

Bad Council

The United Nations has dramatically lost its way over the past 60 years.

Discreet Revolutionary

Remembering John Jay.