Reviews of Books

The Thrill is Gone

A review of 

Information Slaves

A review of Big Data: A Revolution That Will Transform How We Live, Work, and Think, by Viktor Mayer-Schönberger and Kenneth Cukier.

Lincoln for Liberals

A review of Lincoln's Tragic Pragmatism: Lincoln, Douglas, and Moral Conflict, by John Burt

Born on the Fourth of July

A review of Coolidge, by Amity Shlaes and Why Coolidge Matters: Leadership Lessons from America's Most Underrated President, by Charles C. Johnson.

Heart of Plum

A review of P. G. Wodehouse: A Life in Letters, edited by Sophie Ratcliffe

Monument Valley

A review of 

Natural Right and Natural History

A review of The Social Conquest of Earth, by Edward O. Wilson

Suicide Pact

A review of The Crisis of the European Union: A Response, by Jürgen Habermas

To Rule and Be Ruled

A review of Aristotle's Teaching in the "Politics", by Thomas Pangle and Aristotle's "Politics": Second Edition, by Aristotle, translated by Carnes Lord

Retracing Our Steps

A review of Natural Rights Individualism and Progressivism in American Political Philosophy, edited by Ellen Frankel Paul, Jeffrey Paul, and Fred D. Miller, Jr.

The Rule of Lawlessness

A review of 

Desperate Impact

A review of The Declining Importance of Race and Gender in the Labor Market: The Role of Employment Discrimination Policies, by June E. O'Neill and Dave M. O'Neill

The Play Is the Thing

A review of Shakespeare's Political Wisdom, by Timothy Burns