Reviews of Books

Wake-Up Call

Kagan's explanations of and remedies for military unseriousness are not what one would expect from a great student of Thucydides.

Beyond the Evil Empire

The new present danger, say Kristol and Kagan, is the reluctance of the United States to stand alone on the world stage and exert its influence on the post-Cold War world.

Settling Up

Apology, Reparation, and Restitution 

A Plea for Pandering

The paradox is that as American politicians and professional pollsters have formed an ever tighter union, American government has become less and less responsive to public preferences.

Lone Wolfe

Tom Wolfe has been on a lonely crusade for more than a decade.

Restoring Order to the Court

Constitutional theory is one of the great growth industries of our time and, like personal computers, it appears to have an almost infinite capacity for market expansion.