Reviews of Books

Poverty and Policy

Poverty isn't fixed by cash. 

Behind Enemy Lines

Roger Scruton's conservatism. 

Permanent Things

Bradley C.S. Watson looks at the nature and significance of Russell Kirk's conservatism. 

Outgrowing Constitutionalism

Modern American governance is paradoxical. 

Educating Citizens

The American experiment is not self-sustaining.

Respecting the Respectable

Angelo Codevilla looks at a new biography of John Quincy Adams. 

Up from Slavery

Did the American slaves liberate themselves? 

Song of Troy

The Illiad comes to life in a new translation.

Killers, Saviors, Heroes

Robert Faulkner looks at a history of courage. 

Politicians with Benefits

Sex scandals in American politics have a long history. 

Deep Down Things

James V. Schall, S.J., on the history of Catholic thought.  

Here There Is No Why

Benjamin Balint looks at the life of Primo Levi. 


A long-lost look inside the Lodz ghetto. 

Destined for Freedom

The limits of biological determinism. 

What Price Glory?

A look at Winston Churchill's personal finances.