Reviews of Books

Ties that Bind

Our problem is that our perceptions are distorted by nostalgia. 

America's Relentless Suitor

There is much to learn from Nixon’s virtues and vices.

Hear Her Roar

A new biography.

Team of Rivals

Unpacking the clash between Hamilton and Jefferson in George Washington's administration. 

Nature in the Dock

Why does the natural law matter?

Liberty or Death

Believers of limited government should take heart. 

Second-Class Citizens

How fare conservative professors on college campuses?

The Hidden Costs of Immigration

Liberalized immigration is a policy that cannot be carried out without simultaneous injuries to democracy.

The Power of Markets

Brian Domitrovic reviews two books on economics. 

Rising Tides and Mega-Yachts

Inequality reexamined. 

Something Smells Phishy

Do we need a new economic analysis that takes into account deception? 

Manifest Quagmire

What stakes does the United States have in the Middle East?

This is Sparta

A history of Spartan strategy. 

Missing the Poetry

A new look at Goethe's poetry. 

Must Everyone Write English?

English is the universal language, but at what cost? 

Unabashed Elitism

Hughes’s memoir is a a rollicking saga of his turbulent life. 

Bad Company

The true meaning of friendship. 

September Song

The baby boomers are approaching retirement.