Reviews of Books

Draining the Swamp

No one has done more than John Marini to explain the administrative state.

Austin City Limits

What to make of Texas? 

Defending the Nation

Why we need nationalism, now more than ever.

Tribes ‘R’ Us

Global citizenship’s promises aren't appealing to the masses. 

The Last New Dealer

Hubert Humphrey played a critical role in the rise and decline of 20th-century liberalism.

Consistently Original

Antonin Scalia's lasting effect on jurisprudence.

Are Corporations People Too?

To what extent the government may limit corporate political speech?

I Spy

Intelligence is entrenched in all we call history.

Ruined by His Own Glory

The twists and turns of Alcibiades' life. 

Hero Traitor

In the end, readers must find Benedict Arnold guilty as charged.

Best of Enemies

Gordon Wood's method presumes that there is not a robust or transhistorical human nature.

The Last of the Founders

John Marshall is the least appreciated Founding Father.

Securing the Constitution and Union

Without Marshall, the judiciary would have been a withered branch.

The Insider’s Guide to the Hebrew Bible

The first Orthodox Jewish presentation of the Pentateuch likely to interest a broad audience.

Ye Shall Be as Gods

Modern Christianity has failed to distinguish itself fully from humanism.

Soul, Man

The soul is the most paradoxical thing in the world.

Seven Shades of Gray

Gray’s book arrives like an uninvited guest to a premature celebration of God's death. 

Morality and Happiness

What today’s neuro and evolutionary scientists teach us about morality.