Reviews of Books

The Hunt For Big Tobacco

The cloak-and-dagger tale about Kessler's pursuit of evidence against Big Tobacco, which would justify the regulation of cigarettes.

Ariel Sharon's Dilemma

Israel has never lost a battle. Nor has it ever won a war.

The Darwinian Mind and Faith of Justice Holmes

The ghost of Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. hovers—to borrow one of his own metaphors—like "a brooding omnipresence" over modern American law.

Three Generations of Liberals Are Enough

George Packer uses his own family history to try to understand and defend liberalism.

Tom Sowell in Practice and Theory

Sowell's stature must be attributed to his ability to bring light where there is darkness and logic where there is confusion to public policy in general and economics in particular. 

The Art of War and Self-Deception

Two new books dispense with the pundits' conventional wisdom about China and cast a critical light on the current state of U.S.-Sino relations.

Freedom Fighters

Hanson's remarkable book argues that, on rare occasions, "there can be a soul, not merely a spirit, in the way men battle."

The Weakest Link

Gender, equality, and the American military