Reviews of Books

Reagan's Triumph

Historical argument over the Cold War is a proxy for the fight over fundamental political principles.

Interests Have Consequences, Too

The British experience suggests that, to be effective, ideas must be complemented by other kinds of causal accounts. 

The Reluctant Empire

 That Americans have so far avoided the imperial temptation is much to their credit, but this has not been without cost.

Wilson's New World Disorder

The tension between internationalists and isolationists in American foreign policy is not new.

Honor's Call

Krause has restored honor to its honorable place in our understanding of liberal theory and practice.

Against Reason

For McMahon, modernity is an ongoing battle between Enlightenment progress and Counter-Enlightenment reaction.

The Sage of Philadelphia

Morgan and Srodes go along way toward rescuing Franklin from the oft inanity of his modern portrayal.


Can Brands and Morris help us judge whether the T.R. revival is good for our republican institutions?

Reading Woodrow Wilson

Pearson acknowledges both the radical nature of Wilson's arguments and their grounding in German idealism and historicism.

Our Enemy, The State?

Like Reagan, Twight understands freedom in opposition to dependency upon government.

Courting the New Deal

White dispels the powerful, simplistic New Deal myth that obscures our actual constitutional history.

Putting the Fight Back in Federalism

Federalism is endangered by an eclipse of state institutions and of the messy but salutary political culture that once sustained them.

Federalism's Nemesis

Federalism is dead, and the 17th Amendment killed it.

Natural Right and Biotechnology

The coming debates over biotechnology will test the strength of the moral-sense tradition.

Shameless Injustice

The death penalty rests on a moral judgment about good and evil, responsibility and blame. 

To Be Young, Conservative, and Cool

Young conservatives are already right. What they need is an up-to-the minute lesson in how to be cool.

Star-Spangled Snobbery

An examination of American snobbery.

How the Confederates Won

The great tragedy of Civil War memory is that the emancipationist account of the war was sacrificed to reconciliation in alliance with white supremacy.